Tom Ninness  CML

Tom Ninness CML

Director of Area Production

Contact Information:
D: 303.389.5716
C: 303.877.4111
F: 855.612.9063


License Information:
NMLS#: 121842
LMB# 100018945

Tom started at Fleet Mortgage in October of 1980, transferred to manage his first office in 1982, and transferred again in 1984 to Denver. He has helped over 8 thousand families with their purchase and refinancing since then. Tom also created the websites: and, and has written the book, “90 Day Journey to Your Sales Success”.

On What He Finds Most Rewarding:
“I get the opportunity to meet with families and the privilege to eventually become friends with them. It is rewarding making a difference in the lives that I provide financing for.”

On Working at First Cal:
“The department leaders have all been helpful and the on-boarding experience has been incredible.”

On Helping Clients Be Successful:
”Helping clients is why I’m on this Earth. To quote James Mann: ‘Each day when I awake, I know I have one more day to make a difference in someone’s life’.”

Who Has Inspired Him:
“I would say Todd Duncan has inspired me as he brought ideas and principles into our industry that I would have never been aware of if it wasn’t for him. Also Daniel Harkavy of Building champions has been an inspiration.”

On His Priorities:
In order of priorities, it’s God, my wife of 36 years, then my sons, daughter-in-laws and grandson( I want lots more to play with), then it would be my health, financial health, my career, time, friends and community.”

On His Interests:
“I like to fish, play the drums, hike, and travel with my wife. I enjoy playing with my grandson and working around the house.”

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