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Today there are a lot of credit institutions and microfinance organizations (MFOs) that specialize in issuing online payday loans, it will not be difficult to get money urgently the same day you apply. Our referral service will help you get matched with the best lender for your needs.

Apply for payday loans online California

If you are looking for a reliable credit institution with a proven reputation, this is the right place to apply. Our referral service cooperates with trusted and experienced lenders who offer favorable lending conditions. Here you can borrow $100-$1,000 quickly, without wasting your precious time and energy.

Applying for a loan in person may cause negative emotions for many people since the procedure is associated with collecting documents, finding a guarantor or collateral, but using the online referral service is much more convenient. This is the most versatile and optimal way to solve money problems and improve well-being. Participating lenders do not check your credit history, funds will be transferred to your bank account on the day you apply. Thus you will not only solve your money issues but also save your time and efforts.

Some lenders from our network provide not only payday loans but also California home loans. Online mortgage loans have become very popular in 2021, hundreds of people apply for this financial product every day and get approved immediately.

The procedure for applying for a payday loan online takes no more than 5 minutes. You will not need to go to the bank, stand in queues, argue with a loan officer, fill out a lot of unnecessary papers, look for a guarantor or collateral. All you need to do to fill out a short application form and get matched with the best microfinance organization. The main thing is to fill out the application carefully, without making mistakes. And that’s it! After that, you just have to wait for a call or a notification from a microfinance organization with a lending decision. You can get the money without leaving your home or office. Use the services of a convenient and accessible Internet portal free of charge and get a beneficial offer right away, around the clock.

Convenient loan referral service – accessible 24/7

Our loan referral service is the first company in California that helps consumers find the best California payday loans without hard credit checks. Everyone will find what suits him or her among the numerous proposals from lenders.

Getting a fast loan means quickly solving your financial difficulties. Thousands of California residents have already used our service and appreciated the advantages of online lending.

These loan products are much more affordable and attractive than regular bank loans:

  • It will not be difficult to apply for a loan online without hard credit checks around the clock. The procedure is carried out remotely, so the time of day and day of the week have no meaning;
  • Relaxed eligibility criteria. Fast loans are provided to clients of different ages, regardless of income size, availability of current loans and the size of monthly income;
  • Consumers choose to apply for an online loan via our referral service because of the speedy opportunity to solve their money issues while keeping them in secret. Since borrowed funds can be obtained without collateral, you do not need to contact your friends and feel obligated to someone.

Who is eligible for California payday loans?

Eligibility criteria vary by lender. Usually, applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  1. legally reside in Califonia;
  2. be 18 years old or order;
  3. have a valid personal bank account;
  4. have an active email address and phone number;
  5. have a stable income.

Typically, you do not need to have a perfect credit history or any credit at all.

Find the best offer in the field of online lending

Thousands of California companies issue payday loans online. If you are just getting acquainted with this type of service and are not yet an “advanced” borrower, we offer to use our referral service which analyzes your information and connects you to the best lender for your needs. The functionality of our site allows making it in a few minutes.

Many participating organizations have special bonus conditions for newbies, as well as specialized programs for regular customers. Also, they offer regular promotions and generous discounts. To find the best offer, you do not need to fill out numerous application forms – it is enough to complete one single application on our website. This saves time and increases the chances of getting accepted.

Our website also contains a lot of useful information on how to apply for loans online and save money.

Same-day loans around the clock: advantages of short-term lending

Unlike banking programs, payday loans with a short maturity have a number of significant advantages, despite higher interest rates:

  • When applying for a short-term loan online, it is much easier to plan your expenses. If you take out a bank loan for several years, it is difficult to predict how the situation will develop. Your financial situation can radically change over such a long period of time, and the loan may turn into an unbearable burden, while you can issue short-term loans without hard credit checks and quickly pay off the debt without taking on long-term payment obligations;
  • Loan amounts range between $100 and $1,000. This option is incredibly convenient if you have minor financial difficulties. For example, you can quickly get a $800 loan without collateral and thereby quickly solve current problems;
  • Individual terms and rates. When applying for a bank loan, the agreement in most cases provides for early repayment fees. In turn, clients who want to take out a payday loan online are offered the opportunity to independently choose the lending period and a convenient debt repayment schedule. Loans can be repaid quickly in one lump payment. Early repayment fees are completely excluded, as are all kinds of “hidden” interest.

Payday loans – an easy way to improve your credit history

A payday loan without credit checks is an effective way to borrow funds with bad credit, as well as to improve your credit history. Credit history is the most important criterion for assessing the borrower’s profile in banking organizations.

If you have ever had loan repayment problems in the past, any bank will probably request your application. When faced with rejections over and over again, think about applying for a bad credit loan online via our referral service: this method will help to urgently solve financial problems and have a positive effect on your credit score.

Online loans for bad credit are easy to access for California residents. Besides, you can restore your borrower’s reputation by making payments on time. The more payday loans you have issued and repaid on time, the higher your credit score becomes. This means that your chance of being approved for a bank loan increases.

Loans are easy to access


Fill out the application

Select the desired loan amount and due date. We’ll need some personal information from you, such as your birth date, phone number, email address, SSN, income size, pay frequency, and your bank account details.

Get a fast decision

Find out immediately if your loan application has been pre-approved, or if we need to conduct some additional checks. If the lender from our network can offer you a loan, we’ll show you exactly what amount you have to repay and when.

Receive money

Once you e-sign the loan agreement, and the lender has made any final checks, you will get your money straight away. No queues, no collateral, no safety, no guarantors, no paperwork required.

Why choose our referral service



Easy application, got approved within 15 minutes, had funds in my bank an hour later. excellent service!

Ronald Fox

Really helpful service, friendly staff, they responded to my request within a very short time, it was great!

Robert Hudson

Needed $800 as had an unexpected medical bill from my dentist. Easy to access and didn’t think I would get approved but I did. I had the money in my bank account within 30 minutes. So happy! I would definitely recommend!

Ellie Gamboa

Absolutely amazing service. Needed a few thousand dollars for 2 weeks. Very easy-to-understand website. Money was in my bank account after a couple of hours. Happy to do business with them.

Charles Miesner

Always easy to use, no phone calls, no collateral, no paperwork. Just don’t pay late and your loan won’t become expensive Very simple! thanks!

Jerry Skinner

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