About Us

California First Payday Loans is a referral service that unites lenders in one network. They will issue payday loans up to $2,500 for any need. They do not ask why you need extra funds and what problems arise.

85% is likelihood of loan approval by one of the lenders from the network. If for some reason you are not approved, you can contact our partners and your application will be processed as soon as possible.

The advantages of the California First Payday Loans

Processing of an application within several minutes;

  • possible short-term delays;
  • loan extension on favorable terms;
  • data protection;
  • confidentiality and protection of personal information;
  • convenient to pay a loan back;
  • loan repayment around the clock;
  • lowering the interest rate;
  • the rate reduction for regular customers.

How to issue a payday loan through referral service?

From your side, you will need:

  • submit your application using the online calculator: select the amount and term of the loan you want to receive.
  • register by phone number.
  • fill out a short form and verify your identity by attaching your selfie with your ID.
  • wait for approval and sign the online agreement (you will receive a secret code in sms – use it).
  • add a bank card in your personal account and transfer money to it.

How to pay the loan back?

You can use your personal account on the lender’s website or mobile application to deposit the required amount by credit card without commission. Similarly, payment is made in one of the offices of the company if such is present.